5835 Grand Avenue, Suite 106
Des Moines, Iowa  50312

Phone:  515-255-4004
Toll-free: 866-468-7887
Fax:  515-255-6244
e-mail:  [email protected]


Executive Director:  Betty Grandquist

Program Manager:  Ginny Paulson

Board of Directors

President:  Linda McDonald, Scenic Valley Area Agency on Aging

Vice President:  Marvin Web, Generations Area Agency on Aging

Secretary:  Cynthia Beauman, Northwest Aging Association

Treasurer:  Ann DeBoom, Siouxland Aging Services

Bruce Butters, Northland Agency on Aging

Lahoma Counts, Elderbridge Area Agency on Aging

Donna Harvey, Hawkeye Valley Area Agency on Aging

Connie Holland, Seneca Area Agency on Aging

Steve Bolie, Area XIV Area Agency on Aging

Barbara Morrison, Southwest 8 Aging Service, Inc.

Joel Olah, Aging Resources of Central Iowa

Dennis Zegarac, Southeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging, Inc.

Elizabeth Selk, Heritage Area Agency on Aging

Affiliate Member

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), Kalen Petersen

Iowa Association of Area Agencies on Aging

The Iowa Association of Area Agencies on Aging (i4a) is a non-profit organization, comprised of Iowa’s thirteen regional Area Agencies on Aging and other affiliate members. 

Who do we serve?

i4a and the member agencies serve older Iowans and their family members (often referred to as family caregivers).  As a critical aspect of the aging network in Iowa, i4a and the Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) help provide older Iowans with a coordinated, knowledgeable service delivery system for home and community based services.   These key facts point to the need for such a system in Iowa right now:

  • There are currently 554,573 Iowans aged 60 and over, nearly 1/5 of the State’s 2,926,327 people.
  • One out of every four households in Iowa is providing care for an older family member.
  • Iowa Ranks 2nd in the nation in the percent of population aged 85 and older
  • Iowa ranks 4th in the nation in the percent of population aged 60 and over.

 What do we do?  

  1. Plan and develop services and programs for older Iowans to help them maintain independence and quality of life as long as possible.
  2. Advocate for federal and state policies which affect the quality of life for older Iowans.
  3. Serve as the coordinating entity with other governmental and community based organizations involved in area development efforts affecting older Iowans.
  4. Increase public awareness, including that of government and community leaders, of the help available to older Iowans through the Area Agencies on Aging and other community entities.
  5. Ensure that older Iowans and family caregivers have accurate and easily accessible information about what help is available to them and their older loved ones.